Friday, October 20, 2017

Will and Chad's NBA Daily (Friday, October 20)

On off (from the show) days Will Avery and I will pick the prior night’s top 3 individual performances and pick that night’s key games.

See Thursday's "daily" here:

See Wednesday's "daily" here:

Last night's (Thursday) top 3 performers (Chad):

Thunder 105, Knicks 84

1) OKC's "big 3:"

Russell Westbrook: 21 points, 16 assists, 10 rebounds
Paul George: 28 points
Carmelo Anthony: 22 points

I chose all 3 players because I think they confirmed in their first outing that they are more than capable of integrating their immense talent into a unit that will be disadvantaged against ZERO NBA teams, including mighty Golden State. This team will be an intimidating defensive squad, as Kenny Smith described at halftime of the game:

2) Kristaps Porzingis: 31 points, 12 rebounds

Porzingis vs his former teammate Anthony was a fun matchup in the first half while the Knicks were still within striking distance. Porzingis scored 19 points in the first 24 minutes.

Clippers 108, Lakers 92

3) Blake Griffin: 29 points, 12 rebounds

Last night's (Thursday) top 3 performers (Will):

Blake Griffin 29pts, 12rebs. 12-23 FG 3-6 3pt
Russell Westbrook 21pts, 10rebs, 16assts. 7-12 FG

Raptors 117, Bulls 100
Jonas Valanciunas 23pts, 15rebs. 9-17 FG

Tonight’s (Friday) picks - Chad

Bucks over Cavs (7:00 on ESPN)
Warriors over Pelicans (9:30 on ESPN)

Tonight’s (Friday) picks - Will

Cavs over Bucks
Warriors over Pelicans

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