Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The AugBball​ Talk Show with Chad Cook and Will Avery​ Episode 2 (9-19-17)

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Show Topics:

1. Will's feedback about Sunday's Girls High School Senior Showcase.

Link to AugBball's report about the showcase:

Reader Question: Why are the area's girls Bball players getting more scholarships than the boys?

2. High School Football's hot teams and stories as we enter the start of region play

Question: Why is there such a big difference in the competitiveness of the Columbia/Richmond County (football) teams and the teams from the surrounding counties of Burke, McDuffie (Thomson), Jefferson, Screven, Aiken (NA and SA)?

Links to AugBball's coverage of weeks 1-5 of the high school football season:

Thomson @ Laney -
Laney @Evans -
Harlem @ Greenbrier -
Richmond @ Greenbrier -

3. College Football:

After Clemson's dominant start, should they be the #1 team and do we have a Golden State vs Cleveland situation in CFB?

#11 Georgia hosts #17 Mississippi State Saturday

4. Bonus NBA talk:

- Can Boston get past Cleveland? Can any team beat the Warriors? How well will the new combo in Houston work?

5. More bonus talk about Will's CSRA Middle School Player Development League​

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