Tuesday, August 22, 2017

More Standouts and more Highlights from Will Avery's Review

For a follow up to Monday's post about the standouts from Will Avery's ReviewRoy Peake and Will Avery answered a few questions I gave him. Of course Peake and Avery organized the Review and invited the players. I used their feedback to make the video above, which shows six players Peake thinks may have deserved mention in my "Terrific Ten," a list I posted yesterday.

Chad: Which players do you think should have been included in the Terrific Ten who weren't? Which players do you think should have been listed higher? What or whom impressed you most about Sunday's Review? Is there anything else about Sunday's Review you want to include?
Roy: Two players that come to mind right away that could have been in the top 10 are Ashlee Austin (Northview, GA, 2019) and Unique Drake (Westwood, SC, 2019). Symphony Jackson (Dudley, SC, 2019) had a shot at it. Grace Knutsen (Alpharetta, GA, 2019) is a wing with good size and can hit the 3. 
What I found most impressive about the Review was how hard they competed. Also how versatile the taller girls are becoming. It wasn't that long ago it was like seeing a unicorn if you saw a six foot girl putting the ball on the floor and making combo moves, and there was some of that this weekend. Destiny Thomas (Tri-Cities, GA, 2019) and Jamiah Lane (Thomson, GA, 2019) also played well. Overall the talent was really good, great atmosphere, the coaches were really engaged and encouraging.

Will: There were so many good players that took part in Sunday's event. Ashlee Austin, who I got to coach twice, showed she could do a lot of things from shooting the 3 to grabbing it off the glass and pushing the ball up the floor. I really liked her physical style of play as she drove the ball very strong and got to the line a lot. McKenzie Gadson (Jesse Carson, NC, 2019) was another player I liked. Very athletic and seemed to always make the right play. She has good size and brought a lot of energy on Sunday. Those would be 2 that could have been in the top 10. 
There were two players that in my opinion have the biggest upside and they were Armani Hamilton and D'mya Tucker (both featured in yesterday's post). I was impressed with those two the most. Tucker has a chance to be special with her length and size (6'1"), and she's an explosive athlete. If she improves her outside shot, look for her to really take off!!! Armani Hamilton as an 8th grader (6'0")was very impressive. She has great hands, runs the floor, and is not afraid to mix it up. 
I even saw her push the ball up a few times. I was very pleased with the event and I love that the kids really wanted to win. I don't remember being at many showcases were I heard defensive chants from the bench...lol
Some of the clips in the video above were taken from Elevated Exposure's full game highlight reel, which can be found at its YouTube and Twitter pages.

Here are all the highlight videos in one playlist. Click through it to find any game you want:

And here is a playlist with video footage from the first 7 games from AugBball:

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