Sunday, January 8, 2017

Brothers Don Coleman and Dhrmaine Bradley give us an honest, entertaining, and insightful view of Coleman's time at California and his recent scoring burst against UCLA

Special Update: Since first posting this, Coleman played another stellar game. Here is a very short summary...

That's Don Coleman and future lottery pick Ivan Rabb celebrating after Rabb blocked #25 USC's final attempt as Cal beat the Trojans 74-73 to pick up an important conference win on the road Sunday night.

Coleman played nearly flawless basketball, scoring 12 points on 5-10 shooting and drawing two charges in 22 minutes of action.

In preparation for tonight's 10:00 P.M. (eastern time) game between California and #25 USC, listen to brothers Dhrmaine Bradley and Don Coleman (Butler's all time leading scorer and Cal sophomore) discuss honestly just about everything that is important right now (school, Don's basketball season, and his recent 15 points in 22 minutes explosion against #4 UCLA) in the life of Coleman, one of Augusta's favorite sons. I transcribed and time stamped my favorite parts in this post. Go Bears and go Don and thank you Dhrmaine for sharing this with us!


Dhrmaine - Just to check up on you... How is everything going in school?


Don - It's a good feeling being able to say I play for Cal. It's a big time school in a big time conference. I'm going against future pros; playing with a future pro...

The coaches have been teaching me, making sure I'm getting better, and making sure I don't lose confidence in myself.


Dhrmaine - You are a hometown hero...  people ask me: "Are you Don's brother?"


Dhrmaine - How is it transitioning from a hometown hero... to trying to find your niche?

Don - It's difficult. I didn't know it would be this difficult.

7:55 - On his defense...

Don - I've never been known for my defense. Everybody would always say "Don doesn't play defense." When I got here I had to change that. I had to do things on the other end that other people weren't doing in order to get time on the court.


Dhrmaine - We kept predicting that this (the UCLA game) would be a game that you would be in, be in...

(Here are Coleman's highlights from Wednesday's game at UCLA:)


Drhmaine - What was your mindset when you got in the game in the second half?

Don - My mindset was just to try to come in the game and make an impact to be honest with you. At halftime coach Martin chewed us out man...

Chad's note: Don tells a story about coach Webster and Ivan Rabb stressing the importance of his defense (especially against star Lonzo Ball) and about seeing a couple shots go in against UCLA.


Chad's note: Dhrmaine compares Don's scoring 15 by attacking the basket against UCLA to what we all watched him do in high school. This is a great point as Coleman scored all of his points at the rim against a huge UCLA team.

Don's response and the rest of the interview are insightful.

I really do appreciate these two guys for being honest and entertaining and for giving us all a glimpse into Don's life.

36:30 -

Don's Snoop Dog story!

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