Monday, June 20, 2016

The best way for young players and their parents to think about basketball

The most interesting and the best things going on in youth basketball are described in this article from the New York Times. Specifically the logic Tyrous Ingram and his family use. I can't recommend it enough for people who care about these things to consider. Ingram's strategy is similar to the one I've watched Matthew Miller have so much success with. All the points made - about the need to clearly assess where you stand, and how difficult it is to play in college at any level, and the fact that the good Division III teams are dynamite and that almost every high school player should be thrilled to be able to play for them - were right on based on my experiences.

And I agree so much about basketball being one part of a much larger and more important life that I almost forgot to mention it. It's a fun saying and either is or was the name of a great website to see random basketball highlights, but Ball is most definitely Not Life.

Matt Miller is a great example of a player who has approached basketball like
Ingram (from the 
linked article above). Here is a link to many posts about Miller.

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