Sunday, May 1, 2016

Thoughts about Sunday's triple header of NBA Playoff games

I wrote yesterday that Saturday's game one, second round San Antonio versus OKC game tipped off what may be a great run of NBA action. I exclusively focused on the Spurs, Thunder, Warriors, and Cavs, which feature the five best players in the game. But if Goran Dragic's play in the first half of the Heat's game 7 home matchup with Charlotte is an indication of what's ahead during Sunday's triple header of NBA games, then I underestimated the potential in today's game 7 showdowns.

This second half has promise. So does tonight's Raptors-Pacers series deciding matchup. Add game one of the Warriors-Blazers and I'll say "day two" of the playoffs should be a great one!

1 comment:

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