Thursday, February 25, 2016

Laney vs Morgan County: Georgia's best rivalry

Laney's Christian Keeling and Zep Jasper played their last game at home Saturday. And as you can see, they went out with a bang!

Tonight they headline a double header at Augusta University involving the four best teams I watched this year:

Laney (Girls) vs Morgan County6:30

Laney ( Boys) vs Morgan County 8:00

Both of Morgan County's teams are ranked number 1 in the state. Laney's Lady Wildcats are the defending state champs. Laney's boys have lost only four games the past two seasons.

The two season series between two of the state's finest hoops programs is led by Laney's boys (3-2), while Laney and Morgan's girls have split their four meetings over the period.

There are four division one signees in the boys game (Jasper, Keeling, and Morgan's Devorius Brown and Jailyn Ingram). Will Avery and I estimate there may be five in the girls game (Laney's De'sha Benjamin and Aubrianna Bonner, and Morgan County's Sydney Nash, Alexis Brown, and Tatyana Davis).

Factor in these teams' history of winning and of producing high level players. Then consider the head-to-head historical battles. If you do, you'll likely agree this is Georgia's best high school rivalry. 

I want to write more about it but I have to go get a seat. I forgot to mention these teams bring bus loads of fans!


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