Thursday, December 3, 2015

November's Notes: Our new ABA team can be a community treasure

The players on the ABA's Georgia Kingz roster are unquestionably good. Their names still ring in conversations about basketball in Augusta. But when I watch Robert Turner, CJ Washington, Marcus McDaniel, Harold Doby, Reggie Middleton, Santoine Butler, PJ Meyers, Xavier Collier, and coaches Ron Freeman and Olliver Ottley, all graduates of Augusta high schools and former college players, I see my community. And because at various times during the past 15 years I've acted, honestly, as a sort of father figure for at least half of those men (then boys), I also see family.

I want to support these men in building their careers by properly explaining the value in the product they put on the floor during the first two games of the franchise's history.

I also want to work with the men involved to help them build the community for tomorrow's men who now compete in our elementary through high schools, and even the colleges, in our area.
Team Power's elementary schoolers will play right beofore the
Georgia Kingz's 6:00 P.M. tip off Sunday at Richmond Academy.
Josey graduate and former Paine College Lion Marcus McDaniel turned to me on the baseline of Richmond Academy's court during a dead ball at Saturday's Kingz game, shook my hand, and told me he appreciates what I do. I wish I had told him I too appreciate what he is doing. He is the kind of man a professional organization needs to be viable and worthwhile.

Harold Doby is another such man. I'm cheering for my former Boys Club and Augusta Metro patroller of the paint as he finishes his studies at Augusta University, where he played three seasons under coach Dip Metress. I'm also cheering for him as he works on Metress's staff as an assistant coach this season. And I couldn't help cheering for him from behind my camera when he slammed home a sweet lob from childhood friend and teammate (and player of mine) PJ Meyers in Sunday's 119-106 Kingz win.

You can see the complete highlight package from Sunday's win at this link.

Harold held a basketball clinic for youngsters the day after Thanksgiving at Hornsby Middle School. That is the kind of thing I envision these professionals doing in our community. The kinds of things I'd like to help guys like Harold do in the near future.

So help me help them by attending a game and seeing for yourself why I say it's worth the $10 price of admission to see the 2-0 Kingz in action. Your next chance is Sunday at 6:00 at Richmond Academy when the guys face the Atlanta Aliens.

I'll be in the gym supporting family. Will I see you there?

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