Friday, December 18, 2015

Laney's JV explodes for 83 points in win at Westside

What appeared during the first seven minutes to be an evenly matched junior varsity game quickly became a Laney runaway over Westside as the Wildcats defended, ran the court, and found each other for countless easy baskets on their way to an 83-57 road win Friday.
Griffin scores 2 of his 20 fourth quarter points against Westside.

Sebastian Marmelejo scored 9 of his 15 points, and Cory Myles 8 of his 18, during a 14 minute stretch in which Laney turned a 1 point first quarter advantage into a 17 point lead entering the final quarter.

Djuan Griffin would take things from there, scoring 20 fourth quarter points as the Wildcats finished with 32 points in the final 7 minutes, leading to the uncommonly high total. Griffin led all scorers with 25 points. Josh Kelly led Westside with 15.


  1. It could have been a different outcome if Josh Kelly wasn't in foul trouble and had to sit out an entire quarter.

  2. Fouls are apart of the game Matthew K. Laney was just to much for your Patriots.

  3. Fouls are apart of the game Matthew K.