Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Zep Jasper - Player Profile

   Zep Jasper is the fourth of seven "first ballot" members of the All AugBball Team. 

Statistics like points per game don't always tell the story. I watched and reported on countless games last season, and I would bet more times than not I left out the leading scorer details. But I always include video footage supporting my analysis about the factors deciding the ultimate statistic: wins.

Laney's Zep Jasper signs his national letter of intent Thursday,
November 11, at Tubman at 1:30 P.M.
When I first learned Zep Jasper's per game scoring average, last season was almost over. It was February. All season, I had been writing and posting videos about Zep's "double duty," my way of describing the defensive job he did against our state's best scorers combined with his running of Laney's team and doing whatever was needed to win against the state's very best teams.

He made threes, made sure his teammates got the ball in the right places, and scored when needed all season long. And if there were a statistic for managing your team's possessions late in the fourth quarter, handling the ball while your team is leading, using the clock, and scoring when the defense lapses, his rating would be off the chart.

Here is a tweet and video clip from an early overtime home win over then defending state champion Morgan County. Like he did all season, Jasper scored when needed, this time with Laney nursing a lead and holding off a Morgan County run.

Until someone comes up with a better measurement for offensive responsibility, I'll trust my eyes when it comes to Zep. They tell me he is the best point guard I know for getting his team the highest number in the only category that matters: the number of wins.

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