Monday, November 30, 2015

November's Notes: Sherrill and Dillingham amazed me during season's opening weeks

This is the "college edition" of my November's Notes series:

Augusta's two best players, Augusta University's Keshun Sherrill and Paine's Denzel Dillingham have surpassed even my high expectations in the first three weeks of the season, averaging 27 and 28 points, respectively, and treating us fans to exceptional offensive performances on three separate days. I'm tempted to say it will be difficult for these two to maintain a one-offensive-masterpiece-per-week clip in the coming months. But I'm learning not to predict what these guys can't do and rather enjoy what they can do.

The two faced off November 21st at Christenberry Fieldhouse, and the "City Classic" instantly became an "AugBball classic" as Dillingham tallied 41 points, only to be topped by Sherrill's Jags 117-108 in overtime. Sherrill scored 30, including 7 in the extra session, after playing 44 minutes, many of those with the ball in his hands in the backcourt against Paine's frenetically trapping defense.

I was certain Dillingham's shooting statics against the Jaguars would win the prize for the season's most impressive. With this line, wouldn't you expect so?:

Dillingham versus Augusta University
13-20 field goals
5-8 three point field goals
10-10 free throws

Again, I've learned not to predict what these guys can't do. Because one week later Dillingham and Sherrill each posted similar, even better, shooting statistics. In a win over North Georgia, Dillingham made 13 of 17 field goal attempts, 6 of 7 threes, and all 4 of his free throws, scoring 40 points in 40 minutes!

The very next day Sherrill scored 32 points in the final 25 minutes, and 34 for the game, while making 12 of 18 of his field goal attempts.

During the following months, these two dynamos will play at least 24 more times in their home gyms. I plan to be at as many of those games as possible. If not, I may miss something spectacular that I never would have predicted.

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