Sunday, November 1, 2015

Grovetown Middle improves to 2-0 with road win

Grovetown Middle School followed a dramatic home win over Columbia Tuesday with a decisive 33-23 win at Evans Middle Friday.  Chris Williams, a 6'4" eighth grade center, and 6'2" seventh grade wing Rickey McGhee were again too much for the opponent to handle.  Williams has been consistently impressive.  He moves well and keeps opponents from getting good scoring opportunities.  And he finishes almost everything around the paint with a soft shooting touch.

Chris Williams has towered above the competition in the season's first week.

As I explain and show in the video above, McGhee is very skilled with the ball.  He is the only middle schooler I've seen these first two games who attacks the basket with his off hand.  As Friday's game progressed, Rickey was more and more willing to finish his drives with a score, rather than pass to a teammate in no better position.  His second half baskets helped the Patriots build a 28-16 lead on the scrappy Knights.

Many thanks to Columbia County for the October basketball last week.  I plan to report on Grovetown's games until the season's halfway point (November 17), or until they are defeated, whichever comes first.  Then I'll move to the next most impressive team I see.  Before Thanksgiving, I plan to have seen and shared enough Columbia County and Richmond County (beginning November 9) middle school hoops action to show people why it's well worth following.

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