Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Westminster gets the 6th spot in my preseason top 10 (preseason post 7 of 30)

Two transfer guards will make enormous impacts on their respective schools' performance this season. One is Jelani Watson-Gayle, a junior from London, England, who will join the Westminster Wildcats and catapult coach Mark Tebbs's team into the GISA state championship race. The point guard, who may be a newcomer to Augusta but is a veteran of international competition, has a combination of ball handling and shooting skills that is surpassed by no other area player.

Junior transfer Jelani Watson-Gayle makes Westminster and instant threat in the GISA race.

The Wildcats missed the state tournament last season after reaching the final four the prior year. But seniors Nygel Eaddy (10 ppg) and Steven Lambert (11 ppg), and sophomore Michael Dukes (10 ppg) have gained valuable experience. The addition of Watson-Gayle makes Westminster a top ten area team and an early favorite in the GISA's region and postseason race.

Westminster senior Steven Lambert scored 11ppg last season. 

So if you have followed the first seven of my preseason posts, you'll notice I've placed the first six teams in the following order (note I am only considering Georgia teams right now):

  1. Laney
  2. Josey
  3. Richmond
  4. Thomson
  5. Alleluia
  6. Westminster

Westminster sophomore Michael Dukes scored 10ppg last season. 

It is unusual to place two independent school teams so close to the top of the area race.  And because they don't compete with Georgia's public schools, it will be difficult to ever know where Alleluia and Westminster truly stand.  But my eyes tell me they are among the area's best.  So I'm calling it like I see it.

I'll see you in the gym!

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