Friday, September 25, 2015

AugBball's 10 things: Sept 25, 2015

A good number of interesting things happened during the past few weeks leading into the Fall and towards hoops season.  I counted 10 things that inspired me to try something new at the blog and the YouTube channel.  So here are "10 things" in the first edition of AugBball News.

Here is the outline for the show:

1)  This is old news. But because it's the first episode I want to include the news that Buck Harris, head coach of Augusta's best team last season, the 29-2 Laney Wildcats, is now the head coach at Baldwin County.

2)  This news is a a little old too (getting the older stuff out of the way first in the first episode), but it is exciting.  Zep Jasper, Laney's senior point guard, committed to the College of Charleston at the end of the summer.  Who is Charleston's head coach?  Earl Grant.  Then an assistant, he recruited Rod Hall to Clemson 5 years ago when Rod was a Laney star.

3)  Ricky Moore (1995 state champ at Westside, 1999 NCAA champ as a UConn starter, and 2014 NCAA champ as a UConn assistant coach) was praised highly in a Hartford Courant article.  ESPN's Paul Biancardi called Ricky a "star recruiter," among other nice things.  Rick is a wonderful representative of our area and beloved in many places.

4)  Four preseason posts are live at  These posts feature what I believe are the four best teams and maybe 5 of the 7 or 8 best players in the area.

5)  San Antonio Brinson, who has starred at Aquinas the past two seasons, decided to return home to Thomson High School after a brief stay at a school in South Carolina.

6)  Christian Keeling announced his commitment to attend college and play basketball at Charleston Southern University.  He announced it Tuesday, on his mother's birthday.  I am very impressed with the players I encounter who play high school basketball.  Christian is one of my absolute favorites.

7)  More preseason posts are coming next week.  I will feature the teams in the 5 through 10 slots in my coming preseason area standings.  I'll also be featuring the local college teams and players I'll be following this season.

8)  I was at the Fall League two weeks ago.  I'll be back this weekend (I'm actually coaching Alleluia).  During the first week, I was impressed by some players I wasn't very familiar before, including Tre Gomillion and Gerald Merriweather (Aquinas), Serron Spann and Chris Stone (Evans), Kyler Haynes (Butler), and Moses Jones (Richmond).

9)  I show clips of Isaiah Kelly in a "Court Cred" produced video from an "On the Radar Hoops" event.  Isaiah looks like he is improving quickly!  Best of luck to him at powerhouse Pace Academy.

10)  I share quick thoughts on a blog post (titled "The truth about your hoop dreams") I published Friday morning.  I may follow up with this topic as I get feedback.  I've already gotten a great response from some of the best hoops minds we'll be seeing in any gym.  Hopefully I can share some of that with you soon...

I'll see you in the gym!

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