Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Laney's Zep Jasper brought me back to the gym!

Zep Jasper (Laney):  2014-15 highlights

When the high school season ended, I told Laney point guard Zep Jasper I'd be happy to make a highlight video of him using clips from the Wildcats' historic season, which included a 29 game winning streak.  But after more than four months of reporting on my favorite area basketball stories, I realized I enjoyed the time away from the gym these past few months.  So as much as I wanted to make good on my promise, I couldn't get myself to do the work involved with finding and editing video footage and making a (hopefully) entertaining video.  But that all changed when I wondered into the Butler High School gym last month to see Laney play Josey in a summer league game...

As a coach, a player, and even a fan, I have never been one to say something like "oh, it's just summer league," or even "oh, it's just pick up ball."  I think if you play, you compete.  Seeing Zep take that approach to the game featured in my video below inspired me to get back into the gym following my favorite area basketball stories.  For that reason, I am glad I went to Butler that night. Another reason I am grateful I went is because it was the last time I saw my good friend Buck Harris on the sidelines with the Wildcats.  He and players like Zep and Christian Keeling have built something truly special.  As you'll hear in the video below, I hope to see Jasper and his buddies finish their high school playing days at Laney so they can finish the great thing they have started.

In the video below I explain why I so enjoyed seeing Zep play, even though it was "only a summer league game."  And I talk about why I hope he stays at Laney for his senior year.

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