Monday, March 16, 2015

Team AugBball

Last Sunday I posted the picture to the right on the AugBball Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.  I have a long history with AAU basketball.  I have played for, coached, and sponsored teams on some of its biggest stages (Nike Peach Jam, 17u AAU National championship game, etc) with and against some of the game's most accomplished players and programs.  But lately I've only watched from afar.  Until now.

Sunday marked my return to AAU hoops with a program I'm calling Team AugBball.  The reason I return is is to support young men with similar goals and values as mine.  I believe the game is fun and that playing it at a highly competitive level can provide great life experiences.  As you can see in the picture, Team AugBball will play in solid AAU tournaments which all college basketball coaches are allowed to attend.

In addition to the tournament's listed, we will conduct workouts and games at Alleluia Community School on many Sundays (3PM) and Wednesdays (7PM).  The players who are invited to this Wednesday's 7PM workout know who they are.  I'll see them in the gym no later than 6:45.

PS - An added benefit to running and AAU program along with my good friends Dennis McBride and Keenan Mann is that I will be able to report on Augusta's AAU happenings.  Look for information very soon about the teams and players on my radar.

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