Monday, February 23, 2015

The Laney Rule

Jaylen Taylor has been teaching me
"the Laney rule" all season.
I have discovered a law of nature I'll call "the Laney rule."  This rule applies only to camera operators.  Luckily players, coaches, and fans need not learn the Laney rule.  But people like me who aim to capture and share all the goodness found at Laney games (boys and girls) ignore it at our own peril.

Laney Seniors (from left:  Jervon Walker,
Jashawn Brooks. Jaylen Taylor, Tommy
Smith, Tyqwan Wilson, Rico Merriweather
(not pictured), Nick Myers (not pictured)

The Laney rule simply dictates that while the ball is in play, cameras must roll.  I relearned the Laney rule Saturday in the teams' sweet sixteen round blowout wins.  If the camera isn't rolling, I am likely to miss Jaylen Taylor gliding through the air for a rim shaking dunk.  Or Aliyah Collier will steal the ball in the back court and hit a cutting De'sha Benjamin, who will finish in stride with her left hand.  Or coach Buck Harris will holler "four," prompting the floor to be spread, and Zep Jasper will dart to the hoop or bury a three off the bounce.

In the video above, I try to show you what I mean by the Laney rule.  The Wildcats teams are those rare teams that even make blowouts like Saturday's must see events!

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