Thursday, February 5, 2015

Region Race 2015 (episode 6) - An episode that's all about region 3A

Laney's Jasper is part of the "committee"
that gets the job done for Laney
Episode 6 of "Region Race 2015" is exclusively about region 3A, its key games this weekend, and the impact of those games on next week's region tournament.  Here is the outline for the show:

- Introduction

- Last Saturday's Laney vs Butler matchup was supposed to be the last big event of the regular season...

- But Westside's win over Washington County Tuesday caused a possible shakeup in the region standings.

- Key weekend games (Glenn Hills vs Westside, Laney vs WACO, and Laney vs Josey) can impact seeds 2 through 6 in next week's region tournament.

- I look at Laney's outstanding run through the season and Will Avery's great point about Laney beating teams "by committee."

- I share thoughts and footage about Butler's Don Coleman and Josey's Darius Williams.  After watching their games versus Westside last weekend (homework for this blog post), I had to share what I saw from these two exciting players.

- Outro

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