Thursday, January 1, 2015

Region Race 2015 (Episode 1)

"Region Race" is a new show from the AugBball YouTube channel.  I aim to release it weekly (on Thursdays) until the end of the regular season.  I am releasing the first episode on the first day of the new year to start off on the right foot with one of my new year's resolutions.  Please give it a view and leave feedback in the comment section here or on the YouTube page.  And tell friends about it.

Region play essentially starts this Friday and Saturday.  I'll see you in the gym.

The Region Race YouTube show and the nightly (weekdays) "big old posts" at this blog are two things you can regularly expect from AugBball.  I am planning more every day.  Here are all the places you can follow AugBball online. - the blog

@AugBball on Instagram

@AugBball on Twitter

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