Monday, November 24, 2014

Matt Miller Finds the Right Fit

Fit is everything in basketball.  Meaning someone who is playing well always looks comfortable and confident.  He looks like he is enjoying playing and it seems his teammates' tendencies and his team's systems fits him well.  If this were not the case, he would not be playing well.  For almost every player at the college level is a good player.  But those who are having the most success are the players who have become most comfortable and are therefore enjoying themselves immensely.

During the first couple weeks of the 2014-15 season, USMMA's Matt Miller (a former GAIS Eagles player of mine) is showing all the signs of a player who is comfortable and confident, and having a lot of fun playing the game.  It is always nice to see a player figuring things out.  And it is extra nice to see Matt, who is an exceptionally fine young man, finding his way so early in his sophomore season.

After four games, Miller is scoring 13  points, grabbing 4.5 rebounds, and dishing 2 assists per contest.  He is also shooing over 40% from the field and from behind the three point line.  His best game was probably Sunday's 84-52 loss to Division 1 Stony Brook.  Miller scored 15 points, including 3 three pointers.  He shot with confidence, creating great looks off the dribble, and scored from everywhere.  See Miller in action here:

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