Monday, November 10, 2014

Looking Forward to Following Matt Miller

Matt Miller is a former GAIS Eagles player of mine.  He is one of my favorite people.  After getting to know him well during his four high school years, I am glad I am still in contact with him.  And I am going to use his coming United States Merchant Marines (USMMA) basketball season as a way to continue to keep up with him and to share some of the things that I think make him so special.

Matt Miller - USMMA
Matt is a good person.  How good?  Last year I posted a question about math and how to answer the question that is so often asked by young people:  "When will I ever use this?"  The two nicest people I know answered:  My father and Matt.  Matt's answer was very thoughtful (as was my dad's) and it taught his old coach something.  Matt also regularly writes with updates from college.  He probably puts as much care into his emails as many students do in the papers they write for classes.  Special people take this kind of care.

Matt is a great student.  He attends a highly competitive, engineering centric college that pays its students' (those who are admitted) tuition and expenses.  He is entering his second season on the basketball team after starting half his games, scoring 8.4 points per game, and averaging over 20 minutes played per contest as a freshman.

I plan to follow his games online and to see him in play in person December 19 and January 25.  And I will update this site along the way!

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