Monday, November 17, 2014

Hall has it all figured out

Many years ago I taught and coached Rod Hall.  That's one reason I know he's smart.  In May Rod will complete his undergraduate studies at Clemson, earning his college diploma in exactly four years.  That is another reason I know he's smart.  The Tigers' leading returning scorer and assist man is also a very kind and respectful young man.  I know this because Friday before his first regular season game he humored his old teacher/coach (me), allowing me to give him some basketball advice.

Before I share more I'll say that I usually try to refrain from butting into a former player's current basketball business.  The last thing guys need is multiple people telling them how to play the game.  And I think of the current coach and usually realise this is not my place.  But in this instance I could not help myself.

After watching Rod confidently stroking two three pointers in three possessions in the second half of Clemson's exhibition game win over Anderson, I wanted him to know that I believe he is a darn good shooter (and I know a lot about shooting a basketball!).  That he always has been.  And that his teammates - the ones who undoubtedly love playing with him because of his toughness, his unselfishness, and his knack for playing best in the biggest moments - will love him even more if he let's it fly from deep when opponents give him space.

Rod politely thanked me.  What a nice kid... I mean young man (it's hard getting used to the fact that my former players are now men!).  Later that night he started Clemson's season with a bang, making two driving baskets in the first four minutes versus Florida A&M.  See here:

After making these two baskets and establishing himself as an offensive threat, Hall would not shoot again.  But he WOULD dish out 10 assists without committing a turnover the rest of the evening. See the assists here:

So my old student and player taught me something (or reminded me of something):  Leave the advice giving to the former players up to the current coaches.  Two field goals made out of two field goals attempted, and 10 assists handed out without a turnover committed is basically the point guard's equivalent of a pitcher's perfect game.

But I am not worried about steering Rod wrong.  Remember what I wrote at the beginning:  Rod is a smart young man.  Too smart to listen to bad advice from me!

***Rod and the Tigers play Winthrop tonight at 7:00 P.M.  Here are some related posts from the past about Rod***

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