Monday, May 2, 2016

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Bob Cook’s (my father) blog ( is the best one I’ve read. His writing about the economy, learning teaching, investing, and living life well make almost all regularly published websites look like amateur hour. He would never send a message out telling people to check it out. So I’ll be the one to tell you it’s a mistake not to see what is available at

He has published almost 2,400 posts in the six years since beginning to write on an almost daily basis. Here I lifted a few of his sentences from his two most recent posts and I leave a few thoughts along with links to the full posts.

“Our highly indebted economy shows lackluster growth and as a result, our government receipts are far too few to balance the budget.

Yet our political class refuses to discuss or take any steps whatsoever to explain to We the People this ongoing financial catastrophe in the making and what needs to be done to deal with it.

No man-made problem, which of course this one is, has ever been too big to solve, but no man-made problem, unless first acknowledged openly, can in fact be solved.”

This is so well put. And the notion that 401K’s and IRA’s have made on balance an incredibly small contribution towards funding "personal pension plans" (see his post for a proper telling) is surprising. So the subject is interesting and worthwhile. 

These types of posts are a staple at “The People’s Place,” a title that went at the top of the blog around 2012.

Sunday’s post (below) is what caused my to write this one to encourage people to check out his blog. His opinion here is strong and very well informed.

This post fired me up, even before he brought one of my childhood heroes, Spud Webb, into it. And it made me laugh even before I understood the “huuuuuge”  joke (see below).

From the beginning of the post:

{NOTE: I strongly suspect that Bernie Sanders doesn't have real fact based knowledge of what Labor Day is actually like in much of the rest of the world. On the other hand, I do. Accordingly, I'd like to share some of what I know with you.}

After explaining very convincingly why he is more qualified than anyone I can imagine on the subject of labor relations from an American and a global perspective, he explains from his unique perspective why socialistic policies always look much better on paper than when practiced in real life and tells about the time he encounter Sweden’s version of Labor Day celebrations.

I’m leaving out the good parts because you’ll like the original better. But I will share my favorite paragraphs here, which finish a series of convincing criticism of the presidential hopefuls in both parties:

“Of course, we have huuuuuge problems to solve, but Bernie, Hillary, Donald and Ted won't be able to solve them for us. That's where We the People come in, and that's why we always have and always will win in the end. Because when the chips are down and the game is on the line, free Americans are always up to the task at hand, whatever it happens to be. We the People are winners!

And while we're at it, there's one more thing I'd like to share. Right here in 'River City,' former NBA basketball player, dunker extraordinaire and philosopher Spud Webb famously said all that needs to be said about America, "If you can dream it, you can do it."

Like I said above, I was slow to catch onto his use of “huuuuuge.” I did a little googling and found this SNL clip. I like Sanders better an an SNL guy than a President. But every famous person is at his best as an SNL guy.

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